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R.R. Borewells is established in 1991 and the first Drilling unit is established at Marthandam, Kanyakumari District .R.R. BOREWELLS is equipped with world best compressor and India's no. 1 rig mast (KLR).Our is the one of the best bore well drilling machinery unit in Tamil Nadu, India. Advantage with us is , even in any critical formation conditions also our rig can drill up to the maximum depth. Other technical advantage with us is Dust Controlling Equipment and Automatically water injection system. Our technical staff is very much efficient in operating this system, which is the most unique feature with our HYDRALIC SUPER RIG. R.R. Borewells, a unique venture by a veteran professional, It aims to serve the Motherland to benefit millions of people. We locate waterwell points, undertake drilling of waterwells and fix up submersible pumps and to help the people by our humble work and extensive knowledge.
Backed by a highly experienced and dexterous workforce, we offer our services for bore well repairing and servicing. Our prompt and qualitative service is performed by the team of experts so that the bore well gets properly repaired and delivers hassle.