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The drilling bore is primarily for use on carbonaceous, silicaceous, hydronic, and gelidic type asteroids, and can directly intake material through the screw-mechanism to a preliminary crusher. Since these vehicles work in deep space in very low gravity fields, I've come up with what I think will work as a suitable mechanism for drilling and excavation of material and feeding it back to the processing bays while minimizing the amount of debris and obscuring fines produced.
The drilling bore contains the variable speed screw-type bore, which may extend up to 25 meters into an asteroidal body; the inner box with the rounded fins, which is a "shaker box" that vibrates at a variable speed to aid in crushing materials and ensuring it contacts the screw bore for conduction aft to be collected; and the outer box which seats firmly into the body via large teeth, and pumps nitrogen or other inert gas through the gap between the outer box and the shaker box. This gas is drawn back through the interior of the bore and material feed pipe by vacuum suction. The gas pressurizes the bore, allowing suction and the motion of the Archimedes-screw drill bore to move material aft for collection. The suction action also allows fines to be carried efficiently and prevents large clouds of vapor and debris from forming.
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