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Bored pile installation methods evolved initially from the construction of water wells in which the brickwork lining was utilised as a bearing element. When, in the middle of the last century, mechanised winches and grabs came into use, it became possible to construct cased boreholes in unstable ground, even below the groundwater level, at fairly low cost. By the 1920's, concrete technology had achieved a level of development, which made it possible that large diameter boreholes could be utilised as foundation piles. With the development during the 1950's and 60's of compact drilling rigs, consisting of base carrier, winch and casing oscillator, the grab excavation technique was advanced to a form, which is still in use today. Another development was the rotary drilling technique with flush circulation, which was used primarily for relatively deep boreholes (e.g. oil wells) due to the complexity of the site installation. In the USA, where flush circulation techniques were of great importance early on in oil drilling technology, rotary drives were developed and mounted on crawler cranes or trucks. A square shaped kelly bar, suspended on a cable winch and guided through the turntable, made it possible, to drill into stable soils and rock with high production rates. After World War II, the problem of "caving in of borehole walls" was solved by using supporting fluids, such as bentonite slurry and chemical additives. This technique became generally accepted in Europe during the 1960's.
Recently, the rotary drilling method, particularly for the installation of large diameter boreholes, was significantly im-proved by the invention of the rotary drive, mounted on a sledge allowing movement along the stiff mast of the drilling rig. Due to the latest developments in the field of hydraulic and electronic systems, drilling rigs are now designed and manufactured, which are capable of achieving a maximum of productivity with a minimum of energy input as well as with a minimum use of human power.
Backed by a highly experienced and dexterous workforce, we offer our services for bore well repairing and servicing. Our prompt and qualitative service is performed by the team of experts so that the bore well gets properly repaired and delivers hassle.